Groove Productions, Fayetteville Arkansas DJ

Celebrating 25 Years of Entertaining Arkansas


The Most Experienced DJ in Northwest Arkansas

DJ Groove Productions is the most experienced DJ in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  WIth over 20 Years of experience, this Northwest Arkansas DJ will make your event memorable.  

1.  Will you be my DJ, or will there be someone else that shows up the day of the event? 

Hopefully you've learned from this site that we only have one team, and that is us.  We will meet with you before the event to discuss every detail, and we will be there the day of to make sure it goes exactly as planned.  


2.  How much are your services? 

There are many factors that come into play, including travel cost etc.  We prefer to visit with our brides briefly to learn more about your big day, discuss the details, and then provide you with an estimate.  We are not used car salesmen- give us a buzz and we'll be respectful of your time and get you a price during the first call (takes only a few minutes, and a few questions).  


3.  Your rates may be a little higher than some of the DJ's I have spoken to? 

Refer back to #1 above.  You are paying for 20 years of experience.  Other DJ companies have several teams that often consist of DJs that are just starting out in the business.  Their model is all about quantity of events, we focus on quality.  It goes back to the old get what you pay for...and with Groove Productions you get just that.  


4.    Will you travel outside of Northwest Arkansas?

Absolutely!  We just need to cover our cost for travel, which we will work into the estimate.


5.   Have other questions?  Just give Todd a call at 479-200-1313, we're here to help!